capitol security


We train candidates to be field ready investigators and private detectives who discover facts employing a number of different methods. Different types of surveillance and search techniques are part of the training to conduct investigations. Detectives or investigators may place phone calls or visit places of employment to verify facts about someone�s work or income. They conduct interviews in order to generate as much background information on someone as possible, especially when conducting background checks or searching for missing persons.

Private individuals, lawyers, and businesses all receive assistance from private investigators and detectives regarding a number of money-, law-, and personal-related issues. ALl the techniques and procedures are included in the course.




CIS provides consulting sessions for Clients who want to learn, check or evaluate the actual security services they are provided by other parties. CIS helps them evaluate the and assess the risks and suggests methods to better implement the program that suites them.

Our commitment to creating the safest possible environment has earned us a reputation for excellence and long-term client relationships. Our clients know they can depend on us to be proactive and highly professional. That's how we did business nearly a century ago. This is how we do business today. This is how we always will do business.

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