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Let C.I.S. be your personal, corporate, or government one stop security travel company. Our travel agents can coordinate travel plans with existing, or added security operations and personnel. Whether your security is one man, or a full contingent or security agents, personal assistants, managers, drivers, family, and others, C.I.S. can provide you with unparalleled service.
We at Capital International Security, as a team, are proud to have arranged the security and travel of thousands of safe, satisfied, happy, clients. From Heads-of-State, to laymen, we hold a bond of trust unequalled in the security industry

Trip Planning

With one phone call, a VIP can arrange travel plans between any two or more points on the globe, guarantee personal security, arrange limousine service, and his/her choice of luxury hotels or resorts.

Business Jet Charter


C.I.S. agents can also arrange for tickets to concerts, plays, college and professional sporting events, and speaking engagements, or that table at the choicest restaurant in town, per the client’s request.

This is just one example of the royal/professional/security conscious treatment clients of C.I.S. receive when they let us handle their travel and security planning. The merging of travel and security is made seamless by the “can do” attitude of each C.I.S. travel agent.

Some of the luxury, and sport land vehicles C.I.S. can provide its clients are: Mercedes, Jaguar, Lexus, B.M.W., Ferrari, Lotus, Lamborghini, Lincoln Continental, and Cadillac.

Some of the luxurious stretch limousines we provide are:

Lincoln Continental, Mercedes, Lincoln Navigator, and Humvee.

Finally, C.I.S. can provide private jet, and helicopter service anywhere in the world through names like Gulf-Stream, Lear, Bell, and others.

Limos Luxury cars

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